I'm Thinking of a Sea Creature

Publisher: Nosy Crow

It’s time to play a guessing game, and all readers are invited to try answering! Four children each describe an animal that lives in the sea: a creature with eight arms and a soft round head that hides in caves on the deep sea bed, or what if her skin has scales? She’s got a hard shell. With strong front flippers, she swims so well. Can you guess what animals are being described? If not, there’s a lovely slide-out tab on each page that will reveal the answer!

This delightful board book is great for older toddlers who might already recognise some of the animals featured (a turtle, an octopus, a shark and a seahorse) and can either make a guess at who might be hiding in the pull-out tabs, or are old enough to learn those animals once they see them.

The rhyming descriptions are a nice touch, as are the additional interactive animal sounds like "snap snap" for the shark and "swish swish" for the octopus, meaning there’s lots of opportunity for repeating and enjoying making noises of your own.

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