Invisible Nature: A Secret World Beyond Our Senses

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Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

This fascinating non-fiction picture book about the invisible wonders of our world is engaging, informative and attractively presented. Each chapter covers a different topic, including microwaves, ultraviolet light, infrared light, electromagnetism, ultrasound, infrasound and scent. The properties of these unseen phenomena are explained, along with some examples of how they occur in nature, and ways in which humans use them.

Children will discover that butterflies have ultraviolet spots on their wings to send signals to attract mates; hammerhead sharks use sensors in their head to pick up electromagnetic signals from the movement of their prey; and infrasound waves enable elephants to find other herds, warn of predators and attract mates, as well as helping geologists to predict when volcanoes may erupt and enabling conservationists to track migration.

The considered layout of each double-page spread leads the reader on an engaging factual journey. Pockets of text are interspersed throughout the full-page illustrations, which are full of vibrant colour and marvellous detail, providing a wonderful balance between written and visual information. At the end of the book is a diagram of the featured waves and a useful glossary of scientific terms. An accessible, educational and fun picture book for junior readers.

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