I am Actually a Penguin

Publisher: Templar Publishing

The little girl in this story LOVES dressing up. And when she dresses up, she’s not just pretending to be a pirate or princess, she IS actually a pirate and she IS actually a princess.

Last week, she got a new costume: a penguin! So, this week, she is no longer a little girl but actually a penguin. And much to her parents’ frustration, there are certain things a penguin definitely can’t do: like eat spaghetti or wear pyjamas.

Then there are the things a penguin definitely should be doing – things that parents might frown upon, like catching fish fingers in their beaks and sliding down the stairs…

I am Actually a Penguin is a funny and vibrant story that rings true for any child who loves to immerse themselves in play. Lovely illustrations from Kasia Matyjaszek bring great energy and vitality to the story, brilliantly capturing the energy of the story’s starring character. But what will happen when it’s time for the penguin suit to go in the wash? Fortunately, this penguin takes the news with true grace and finds a fun alternative!

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