Blackbird, Blackbird, What Do You Do?

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books


Pip the blackbird is on a quest to find out what it is that blackbirds are really good at. Herons are great at standing in the water, waiting for fish; owls stay up all night looking for mice. Pip tries to swoop with the eagles and chatter like the parrots, but it's just not him. What can he do that is special, unlike anyone else?

This soft, beautiful picture book, ideal for toddlers and preschoolers, combines Pip's story with a non-fiction element that describes what different birds do in simple but useful terms. The message of finding your own special talent, and what makes you "you" is perfect in the early years, when children are just beginning to get a sense of themselves as a person.

Lastly, the end pages, which show all of Pip's bird friends, act as a summary to allow pointing, naming and learning bird names and simple attributes together.

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