This is Crab

Publisher: Caterpillar Books

A cute little crab is the star of this interactive book: first, readers need to do a drumroll on the book to encourage him out of his cave, then we need to shake the book from left to right to aid the little crab in scuttling along the ocean floor.

Along the way, the reader has to tell Crab off for pinching a nearby octopus, then find him when he hides in some coral. Finally, Crab needs some help getting out of his old shell – and what a lovely pink the new one is!

This tongue-in-cheek picture book for little ones combines gentle humour with plenty of movement cues  - shaking and moving the book, talking and singing, as well as some nature facts and names. It’s perfect for bedtime or reading in the day, and substantial enough to interest toddlers and preschoolers.

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