Invisible in a Bright Light

Publisher: Zephyr Books (imprint of Zeus)

In a cave deep below the ocean, the sleepers hang from boat hooks waiting for someone to solve the mystery of the man in the emerald green suit and thence bring them back to the world.

If only Celeste could remember who she is and where she comes from, or anything at all about her life, then surely she would find the answers and win the final game, The Reckoning.

Readers who enjoy puzzles and problem-solving will love this absorbing, mysterious thriller that starts off like a walk through thick fog. You know there must be signposts hidden in the gloom, but they are just out of sight! Gradually, though, the fog lifts as Celeste uncovers the hints and clues that could save her family.

This riveting and original fantasy will compel you to keep turning just one more page until you find you haven’t eaten, slept or moved from your seat for hours. Spectacular.

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