Introducing Teddy

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Errol and his teddy bear Thomas are inseparable. Then Errol starts to notice that Thomas seems sad.

Eventually, with some encouragement, the bear explains that he has always known he is a girl teddy, but was worried that Errol would not want to play with him anymore. Thankfully, Errol is wholly unfazed - and reassures him that all that matters is they are friends.  

This is a rare but much-needed picture book about gender fluidity. However, it is also quite simply about being yourself and a true friend. It's a powerful message but delivered in a gentle, effective and universal way. The book offers a simple and refreshingly plain acceptance of difference - an attitude that often comes naturally to children.

This delightful book is about being and wearing whatever makes you happy - perfectly illustrated when Ava decides she no longer wants to wear a girly hair bow and gleefully tosses it away.

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