I Really Really Love You So

Publisher: Little Tiger

‘I really, really, really, really, really love you so!’ says Bush Baby. ‘I thought that I should tell you, just in case you didn’t know…’ But how to show such a gigantic love? Maybe Bush Baby could wrestle with a crocodile? Or climb the tallest mountain? How about making you something special? Or copying what the other animals do? Perhaps telling you (again and again) is the best thing to do?

Fans of I Really Really Need a Wee by the same author and illustrator will know and love Bush Baby, and this book doesn’t disappoint. Once again, it is addressed directly to the reader, and of course an adult will be reading it aloud to a child, which adds a layer of charm. (Plus it ends with a big hug between Bush Baby and Bush Parent, which is always delightful.) The rhythm of the rhyming text means it’s easy to read aloud, while the bright, dynamic illustrations are full of energy. This would be perfect for sharing at bedtime, or any time anyone needs a hug.

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