I Really Really Need A Wee

Publisher: Little Tiger

Bush Baby suddenly, really REALLY needs a wee. She didn’t need one when she was at home, but now she’s desperate! Trying to distract herself, she thinks about twigs and acorns, but then a waterfall – and that doesn’t help at all. Oh dear!

Searching for a toilet, Bush Baby tries a hole in a tree and a nice dark cave, but both are occupied – as is a nearby bush. Finally, she finds a toilet, but there’s a huge queue! It’s enough to make a Bush Baby squirm with frustration… will Bush Baby make it in time?

A funny book that relates the universal experience of needing a wee and not being able to find anywhere to go, I Really Really Need a Wee reminds readers of the importance of going before you leave the house. As well as its cute animal characters, there’s a fun interactive element to be had in imitating Bush Baby’s jiggling and hopping, as well as being a useful book for little ones that might be toilet training – although we all sometimes really really need a wee.

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