Slug in Love

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Doug is a slug in need of a hug. But who wants to hug a slug called Doug? No-one, it seems: Doug asks an ant, a worm and a spider, but none of them are keen. Could it be that Doug is too mucky, sticky and slippy to be loved?

When Doug meets Gail the snail, he thinks he's met his perfect match. Yet, snooty Gail doesn't want a hug from Doug. What will Doug do? Fortunately, a surprise meeting with a very lovely ladybird reminds Doug that there's someone for everyone.

Rachel Bright's simple and brilliant rhyming text partners perfectly with Nadia Shireen's hilariously expressive insects to create a warm and jolly book about finding love even when we don't expect it.

The language – grimy, slippy, squelchy, slimy – is brilliant for developing vocabulary in little ones, and the repetition of the slug rhymes are great for learning and re-reading. Gail the snail and her horn-rimmed glasses are a particular joy and demonstrate Shireen's remarkable ability to imbue even the smallest creatures with big personalities.

A brilliantly fun read that could definitely become a favourite.

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