I Remember

Publisher: Nosy Crow

A sweet little boy in a blue coat visits an old lady one day. He seems familiar to her, and he’s helpful at finding the biscuits and doing up the buttons on her own blue coat. He can do up buttons all by himself now he’s five. He’s also great at playing imaginative games. She sits in the spaceship (the garden bench) while he saves her from the aliens. He’s even got the same name as her grandson, George!

Of course, he is her grandson George, but he doesn’t worry that Grandma doesn’t always know him. He gently reminds her of what they’ve done together before, like eating biscuits and dancing to a favourite song. He helps her as once she helped him when he was little. Even though Grandma is sometimes confused, George knows that she loves him more than words can say.

With stunning, soft illustrations, and a gentle love that radiates out from every page, this perfectly captures the joy of the relationship between a grandparent and grandchild. A beautiful, poignant book that might help conversations with young children about dementia. One to share – and to treasure.

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