In Their Shoes

Fairy Tales and Folktales

Publisher: Pushkin Children's Books

Nine well-known fairy stories return to their origins in this beautifully illustrated compilation. In the earliest version of Cinderella, from 9th century China, the lonely heroine, Yexian, catches a magic fish. Her cruel stepmother kills and eats it, but its magic bones grant Yexian's wishes and in secret, she asks for beautiful clothes. One day she loses a tiny golden shoe which is found by the king, who decides its owner shall be his bride.

The remaining folktales include Charles Perrault's 17th century French version of Puss in Boots, the Brothers Grimm's story of The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Hans Christian Andersen's legend of The Red Shoes - a dark and shocking morality tale about the consequences of vanity and disobedience.

*some of these stories contain disturbing scenes which younger children may find upsetting*

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