Girls, Goddesses & Giants

Publisher: Bloomsbury

This book contains twelve short stories from different cultures around the world. The selection is, as the title suggests, heroine stories, retold from traditional legends and folklore and in each one it's a girl who saves the day. The villains include the Baba Yaga, who eats children for supper, a shape-shifting demon who can't be killed by any man or god, and a giant sea serpent who requires a human sacrifice. These lesser-known folk stories are short and cleverly told. They come from a range of countries including India, China, Cameroon and Venezuela.

The book also includes an author's note about each tale, how she found it and how she adapted it from the original story. While the stories may appear to be aimed at girls, don't let that put off any boy readers. Anyone who enjoys adventure, myths and legends will love this collection of stories. 

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