Isadora Moon Puts on a Show

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

Isadora Moon is unique: she has a vampire father, a fairy mother and a magic pink toy rabbit.

She is thrilled that she’s finally old enough to attend the annual vampire ball with her parents, although she feels a little apprehensive when Dad explains that the vampire children will perform in a talent show. As she loves ballet, Isadora decides to showcase her skills and devises an imaginative routine with a sprinkling of fairy magic for added pizzazz.

Isadora initially feels confident about the performance, but as the night of the ball approaches, self-doubt creeps in. What if ballet is too fairy-ish for vampires, or she makes a mistake and is booed off the stage?

This charming and funny tale celebrates individuality and explores issues such as overcoming fears and wanting to fit in. Short chapters make the series ideal for those who are developing their independent reading skills. The humorous black-and-pink illustrations provide plenty of visual interest, while subtly offering clues about how the characters are feeling.

There are suggestions at the end of the book to help children stage their own show, including recipes for refreshments, tips on writing a script and even some relaxation techniques to combat nerves.

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