If You Come to Earth

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Quinn lies thoughtfully on his bed and composes a letter to a potential visitor from outer space. He provides plenty of useful information about planet Earth, such as where to find it in the solar system, what it looks like and who inhabits it. Quinn describes many different aspects of our planet, from tangible objects, such as homes and modes of transport, to the emotions and behaviours of human beings, both good and bad. The tone of his letter is warm and welcoming, and he concludes by inviting the unknown visitor to stay in his room.

The minimal text is enriched by magnificent illustrations, containing a wealth of detail and exquisitely rendered in Chinese ink and watercolour. Children are sure to love the delightful endpapers showing Quinn’s letter drifting towards a waiting spaceship which hovers above his house.

This inspirational book celebrates diversity, while also exploring the things that unite people of the world. It is ideal to spark discussion about a range of topics, such as race, age, disability and the environment. The core message which runs throughout is the importance of taking care of our planet and each other.

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