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Publisher: Scholastic

Leora has grown up in a society where people wear their lives tattooed on their skin for all to see, fearing and despising the blanks who keep their stories to themselves. But when her beloved dad passes away and secrets begin to unravel, her world is thrown into turmoil - can she still have faith in everything she's always believed to be true?

Ink is a 'just-one-more-chapter' book, full of twists and shocks to keep you gripped. In a world drawn as intricately as the tattoos on the characters' skin and complete with its own myths and legends, Leora is a complicated heroine facing huge personal and political challenges. Following her journey as she begins to re-evaluate the life she had taken for granted is a real treat, but the novel also deftly poses big questions about remembrance, privacy and discrimination. Thank goodness it's the first in a trilogy, because we need more.

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