Ink and Bone

Publisher: Allison and Busby

Jess Brightwell is shocked when his father suggests that he join the Library as a Scholar. He is given little choice and has to leave his book smuggling days behind him, little knowing what awaits him in Alexandria. Jess is part of a world where The Library controls all books and owning a private book is a crime. Knowledge is freely available but strictly controlled - Jess and his friends gradually discover the frightening lengths that The Library will go to, to keep control of the world that they have created.

The world Rachel Caine creates in Ink and Bone describes The Library having power which crosses international boundaries and has access to amazing magical processes and machines. This is very unlike our own world where many libraries are under the threat of closure and have very little power. Fans of The Hunger Games and Harry Potter are sure to enjoy Ink and Bone and will also look forward with eagerness to next book in The Great Library Series so they can find out what fate holds in store for Jess and his new friends.

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