I Say Boo, You Say Hoo

Publisher: Templar Books

When I say BOO, you say HOO. OK?


Hang on – you don’t have to cry.

So begins John Kane’s deliciously silly and immensely cleverly crafted book which sets up a series of call and response rules with young readers to create a hilarious performative reading.

No skill is required on the part of the child or the adult reading the book apart from to follow the instructions. If you see the colour blue, you must shout out Stinky Poo! If you see a tree, you have to shout ME! Once the rules have been set up and the reader has been guided through all the different reactions, the book starts to put funnier and funnier questions and answers together until the kids are shouting about a farting ghost and no-one knows exactly who has done a poo.

Fans of Kane’s tremendously successful I Say Ooh, You Say Aah will jump straight into this new slightly Halloween-themed interactive picture book with the same gusto. It would be a perfect book for Key Stage 1 kids at school for a hilarious read at the end of the day, or just as perfect at home – even with older kids who might think they’re too old for picture books but will still be thoroughly entertained.

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