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Publisher: Macmillan

Mango and Brash, two alligator detectives, have an assignment to go undercover at Batter Down, a bakery owned by the world famous cupcake chef Gustavo Mustachio, who has mysteriously gone missing. Sporting an unconvincing fake moustache, Mango assumes chef Mustachio’s identity at Batter Down to investigate his disappearance and protect his secret recipes.

Yet when a mysterious customer requests a person-sized birthday cake and uses it to infiltrate the Science Factory, the mystery deepens: what is Gustavo Mustachio’s big oven doing at the Science Factory, and what caused the massive explosion? And who might be keeping the famous chef prisoner, making him bake dough after dough, searching for the perfect sewer-resistant recipe…?

Fans of Dog Man or Elys Dolan’s sophisticated, funny picture books will adore this pun-heavy whodunnit graphic novel which is just as clearly laid out, colourful and silly as Dav Pilkey’s phenomenally successful series. Mango and Brash are an excellent detective duo that readers will definitely want to see more from after this first in the series.

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