Dog Man: Unleashed

(11 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Scholastic

Dog Man – a policeman with the head of a dog, thanks to innovative surgical procedures – is the greatest cop ever. Fact.

However, cat criminal Flat Petey is up to no good, and Dog Man wants to impress the Police Chief by catching him. But it’s easier said than done when Petey builds the Treasure Tank 2000 and rides around town hypnotising people into giving him all their money with his love ray.

A zany cartoon story delivered in short, colourful chapters in Dav Pilkey’s brilliantly irreverent style. Between the chapters, the book also contains a series of “Flip-o-Rama”, little sections of flap pages that, when flicked through quickly, provide a little moving illustration. It’s just another way that Pilkey shows an understanding of his audience, who may have short attention spans and enjoy a more interactive approach.

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