Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea!

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A Narwhal and Jelly Book

Publisher: Farshore

Narwhal is a happy-go-lucky sea creature, whose amazing horn-like tooth on his forehead earns him the nickname "unicorn of the sea".

When he meets a jellyfish, they both assume they are imagining one another as neither of them has come across such  bizarre-looking animaL before. Nevertheless, they decide to become friends and embark on some awesome adventures together.

In one of the mini tales, Narwhal invites a variety of creatures to join his pod but is oblivious to Jelly’s increasing annoyance at feeling excluded from the group. In the final chapter, Jelly is confused when he finds his friend reading an ‘imagination book’, as all the pages are blank. Narwhal explains that Jelly can use his powers of invention to create the most amazing stories in the universe.

The witty comic-strip illustrations are simple, yet full of character, and are rendered using a predominantly blue and yellow palette, with occasional splashes of colour.

With a mixture of fun facts, nonsense stories and an eccentric narwhal song, this quirky chapter book is ideal for junior readers who enjoy something a bit different.

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