It’s Mine

Publisher: Walker Books

Mouse is delighted when he finds a big, mysterious, yellow object on top of the hill - it looks ike it might be delicious and Mouse is feeling peckish! But before he can dig in, Frog spots it too - and thinks it will make the perfect wheel for his bike. To make matters worse, Fox and Bear have just turned up too, and they want the Thing to themselves. Whatever it is, everybody wants it!

As they all argue, the thing starts to wobble and crack… What is the thing? As it reveals itself, will the animals still want to keep it?

This is a super fun read which will leave both adults and children giggling from start to finish. The story features simple, repetitive text, guaranteed to attract a toddler and encourage joint reading together.

With peek-a-boo cut-out pages and a surprise ending, It’s Mine! will make little ones eager to turn the page and see what’s next.

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