I Am NOT a Dinosaur!

Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books

Many books about the prehistoric period focus on dinosaurs, but this interesting and informative volume introduces a range of other creatures which existed before, during and after this time. Spanning from 360 million years ago to the present day, the book features an array of fascinating non-dinosaurs, including woolly mammoths, pterosaurs and Neanderthals.

Based on collections held in the American Museum of Natural History, this is a stimulating book for young readers. An illustrated timeline is particularly useful and there is much supplementary information about the period and individual creatures, including helpful tips on the pronunciation of complex names.

Appealing collage-like illustrations complement the rhyming text and children will love joining in with the chant of 'I am NOT a dinosaur' on each page. Sure to appeal to readers with an interest in natural history, it provides a different perspective from the usual books in this genre.

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