Impossible Creatures

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

The Archipelago is a collection of hidden, secret islands inhabited by all the magical creatures you probably think are just myths or stories: dragons, griffins, sphinxes, unicorns, krakens, and many more. But the Archipelago is in trouble. Something dark has taken root at its centre and the islands’ glimourie (magic) is disappearing.

Mal knows something’s wrong with the glimourie, but her biggest concern right now is the man who just tried to murder her. Why would someone want her dead? Thrown together with a boy from our world, Christopher, and hunted by the would-be murderer, Mal embarks on an unplanned journey across the Archipelago to look for answers. As the impact of the fading glimourie is revealed, their quest grows in urgency. Is there any way to fix it before the Archipelago and its inhabitants are lost forever? And what might they have to sacrifice in order to do so?

Katherine Rundell has created an incredibly real-feeling magical world and story to rival classics like Narnia, with writing that sweeps you up and main characters who are simultaneously humanly flawed yet inherently pure and good.

A wondrous, brilliant adventure; forget Hogwarts – everyone will be dreaming of the Archipelago now.

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