I Don't Know What to Call My Cat

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

The little girl in this book has got a new pet cat. Great news, right? Well - except that she has no idea what to call it…

Choosing a name for an animal is clearly a very important part of being a Pet Owner. Will it be an Ethel? Should it be Arnie? Why do they all seem wrong?

Soon, things take a surreal turn and there's an even bigger pet situation to deal with…

Wondering which name that the girl will settle on for her cat keeps you turning the pages, and this story provides some good, hearty chuckles.

However, the star of the book are the illustrations: they have a lovely, big-eyed 'cartoony' feel to them and are choc-a-bloc with amusing little details to make you giggle. The expressions on the cat's face is priceless - you'll never look at your own moggy in quite the same way again.

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