India, Incredible India

Publisher: Walker Books

Thara’s nanijee has collected special objects from India throughout her life. Each week they examine a different object and Thara learns about this amazing country. There is a lot to talk about! India has scorching deserts, sacred rivers and precious forests. It has vibrant modern cities, ancient temples and snow-capped mountains. It has more than a hundred national parks, full of magnificent animals such as tigers, pelicans, river dolphins and rhinos. It has people who speak many different languages, and practise many different religions. It is a land of huge contrast and of exciting promise.

The content covers familiar ground, such as the Taj Mahal, Diwali and Bollywood, as well as many less well-known gems, like the sculptures in Chandigarh Rock Garden, the islands of India and the Bhimbetka cave paintings. India’s festivals, spice markets, food, sports, space centre, ancient civilisations, arts and crafts, and unique animals are all vividly brought to life. Each fact is presented in a clear and concise manner, accompanied by bright, beautiful illustrations, while the discussion between Thara and her nanijee provides a friendly, accessible way into the information.

This book begs to be dipped into again and again, and pored over. Perfect for sharing and for reading by yourself. Every reader will long to travel to India!

Mae nain (Nanijee) Thara wedi bod yn casglu pethau arbennig o India trwy gydol ei hoes. Bob wythnos, mae Thara a Nanijee yn edrych ar beth gwahanol ac yn dysgu am India: ei diffeithdiroedd chwilboeth, ei hafonydd cysegredig a’i choedwigoedd gwerthfawr; ei dinasoedd modern bywiog, ei themlau hynafol a’i mynyddoedd dan gap eira.

Mae’r cynnwys yn edrych ar feysydd cyfarwydd, fel y Taj Mahal, Diwali a Bollywood, yn ogystal â llawer o gemau llai cyfarwydd, fel cerfluniau Gardd Greigiau Chandigarh, ynysoedd India a phaentiadau ogof Bhimbetka.

Cyflwynir pob ffaith mewn modd clir a chryno, gyda darluniadau lliwgar, hyfryd, tra bo’r drafodaeth rhwng Thara a’i nain yn darparu ffordd gyfeillgar, hygyrch i mewn i’r wybodaeth.

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