Africa, Amazing Africa: Country by Country

Publisher: Walker Books

This beautifully produced atlas of Africa is a fantastic book for any classroom or home library. The text is kept young, accessible and inviting, with the author telling us what an adventure it’s been to create this delightful volume.

Stunning maps show the layout and placement African countries, highlighting an interesting variety of animals, buildings or natural features. The overview text gives a brief outline of Africa as a whole, naming the countries and showcasing some of the languages. Each section of the book then zooms in on the countries individually, adding rich, interesting details to inspire interest, rather than overwhelm with information. From Ghana’s giant markets to the skyscrapers of Sierra Leone, the boy drummers of Burundi and the oases of Mauritania, flicking through this happy book is like working through a box of delicious sweets.

The author’s note also points out that this book can only give an idea of what Africa is like right now, since new countries are being created and old traditions are being swallowed up, which is an interesting concept for younger readers; modern global politics means that shifting country boundaries are not just something for history. Each African country is unique and Atinuke’s infectious enthusiasm really shines through her writing.

A perfect book for young children interested in their cultural heritage or for those with a passion for travel and geography, this would also make a gorgeous gift for anyone interested in Africa.

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