African Tales: A Barefoot Collection

Publisher: Barefoot Books

Eight inspirational stories plucked from the storytelling traditions of eight different countries, bring the fascinatingly diverse culture of the African continent alive.

Read about Nolwandle: a beloved baby, stolen by the waves, who returns to her Namibian family years later as an astonishing healer. Marvel at Makshosi: an enterprising herd boy in Malawi, who saves his family from starvation, thanks to his bravery and a pair of magic horns. And wonder at the selfless love between Senegalese village girl Aminata and Frish, the magical Sea Wind.

Vibrant illustrations in jewel colours, based on hand-sewn collage artwork, complement these rich, varied stories, which will open children’s eyes to the diversity of Africa, in landscape, wildlife, culture and history.

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