Cameron Battle and the Escape Trials

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Cameron Battle is the last Descendant of Chidani, a fantasy world populated by gods, monsters and powerful magic. It has been two months since Cameron and his best friends Zion and Aliyah left Chidani to resume their lives in the real world. However, Cameron is desperate to return to find his parents, who are trapped somewhere within the hidden kingdom.

When the three friends are attacked by school bully Vince, they realise that he has been possessed by a demonic mmo. Vince disappears through a portal, so Cameron and his crew quickly follow and they are catapulted back into Chidani. The duplicitous gods set the trio many tough challenges, and the friends must summon all their magical powers, courage and determination if they are to survive.

Featuring a strong cast of Black characters, this fantasy adventure draws on inspiration from West African and Igbo history and mythology. Unfolding alongside the fast-paced action is Cameron’s realisation that he has romantic feelings for Zion. This is the second book in the series and children would benefit from reading book one first – Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdom – to help them understand the complex characters, settings and concepts in this imaginative fantasy world.

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