I'm Hungry

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

The hungry mouse likes eating cheese, the rabbit likes carrots and the monkey likes bananas, but what about the hungry tiger? Find out in this delightful touch-and-feel book from Rod Campbell, the author of Dear Zoo – updated for yet more lucky children.

I’m Hungry! has instant appeal and is full of fun and charm. Rod Campbell’s recognisable page design – large, clear font on white space and winningly simple but expressive illustrations – never fails to draw young children into the story, perhaps as everything is so uncluttered.

The interactive elements in I’m Hungry! are also fun and inventive. As well as the usual flaps to lift, children can stroke a furry rabbit’s tummy or tug on a string worm. Even better is the surprise ending that is almost guaranteed to elicit giggles. Although very young children may be a little fearful of the pop-up hungry tiger, most will be tickled by the mischief of it all (and brave ones will even want to put their hand right into the tiger’s mouth!).

Children in this age group are also notoriously picky eaters, so this book might help you talk (or babble!) together about the kinds of foods that they like to eat, whetting the appetite for future meals and perhaps turning them into less of a battle.

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