I’m the Biggest

Publisher: Gecko Press

When Mum measures Simon and his younger brother Casper, they are delighted that they are both getting taller. However, Simon has only grown one centimetre, compared to Casper’s three, so the older bunny flies into a rage, responding with an angry ‘no way!’ He is still the biggest, after all!

At lunchtime, Simon argues with his parents, as he is convinced that Caspar has more pancakes, so he is sent to his room, where the resentment towards his young sibling escalates. Increasingly furious, Simon completely ignores Casper when they go to the park, even though his mother asks him to look after his little brother. However, Simon gets a funny feeling in his tummy when he sees a bigger boy bullying Casper, and his protective brotherly instincts take over.

This light-hearted picture book is a welcome addition to the Simon and Casper series, and touches on some common issues experienced by many toddlers, such as jealousy, unfairness and sibling rivalry. The simple, vibrant illustrations burst with humour and expression, and the feisty rabbit characters are full of personality.

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