Is that your mama?

Publisher: Scholastic

Josie loves her family. She has a mum, dad, two brothers and a sister and they all look different. At home she doesn’t even think about it. But when she’s out and about, often people ask, ‘is that your sister?’ or ‘Is that your mama?’ Josie starts to worry. Maybe families are supposed to all look alike? If they were all hummingbirds no one would ask if they were related. 

Luckily, her family find the perfect way to show Josie that even if they look different, they all shine together. And Josie realises that although people will always ask nosy questions, she doesn’t have to answer them!

This is a heartfelt celebration of the variety within families. Every family is different. Every family is special. This book will encourage conversations about difference and about empathy. And manners! Gorgeously illustrated and beautifully told. 

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