I Love Tractors

Publisher: Andersen Press

Sometimes children read the same books over and over over again, and Frankie McGee is one of them. He absolutely adores tractors, so while at the library, he heads straight for his favourite book – a book all about tractors.

But Frankie’s obsession has comically tipped his mum over the edge. As she frantically tries to persuade Frankie to check out a book about anything else, he explains in rhyming prose the many reasons why tractors are superior to everything

On the surface, this is a book about a young boy’s fondness of tractors, but at its heart, it is a beautiful ode to libraries and the love of reading. As Frankie tells Mum, 'I like books – that’s what matters. Not what they’re about.' It also wonderfully celebrates the fixation and obsessional quirks that so many children experience when it comes to their favourite things.

Løvlie does a great job depicting the different styles of tractors, manoeuvred by drivers of different races and genders. Whether it’s a farm spread brimming with adorable creatures or a birds-eye view of Frankie’s hometown, readers will be drawn into every colourful page.

Full of fun hidden details, little ones will enjoy hunting for the curious green bookworm seen hiding in the pages.

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