The Girls

Publisher: Caterpillar Books

Four good friends find a tree that becomes their Secret Meeting Place: Lottie, the adventurer; Leela, who always has good ideas; Sasha, the practical one; and Alice, the performer.

The kind-hearted girls are great at celebrating each other’s successes, but even better at supporting each other when things go wrong. As they grow into four very different young women, their friendship stays as strong as the tree.

This wonderfully touching picture book perfectly encapsulates the value and joy of female friendship for children, but also for adults.

The message for children – that friendships can last a lifetime, and that the roots of our friendship support us as we grow – is a fantastic one, as is the reminder that we may be very different to our friends, but our love for each other is what binds us together. The spread where all four girls celebrate under the Pride flag is particularly heart-warming.

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