I Love Me

Publisher: Macmillan

Two young siblings look into the mirror with their Daddy and begin each day with a different positive affirmation.

Monday is for feeling Brave and as the day unfolds, the brother and sister demonstrate how brave they can be – pretending to be superheroes, sliding down the big slide and trying something new. Tuesday is for Smart, Wednesday they feel Strong, Thursday they discuss what it means to be Kind and Friday they spread their happiness. On the weekend, they show how Loving they can be on Sunday is dedicated to feeling Beautiful.

Brimming with positivity, I Love Me! is an adorable and empowering book of affirmations to help little ones stand tall. Written by Dope Black Dads founder Marvyn Harrison, the picture book includes joyful, uplifting statements for each day of the week and demonstrates how they can be used in every day experiences. The affirmations are teamed with Diane Ewen’s adorable and vibrant illustrations that perfectly portray the cheekiness and energy of the youngsters.

The backmatter includes a message from the author plus handy tips for parents and carers on how to incorporate positive affirmations into a daily routine.

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