I Spy Island

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

In the middle of the ocean, far away from anywhere, is a happy little Island who loves to play "I Spy" with its friends Banana, Bottle, Bird and Glove.

One day, their game is interrupted when a mystery object washes up on the Island’s chin. The friends are intrigued, and rather taken aback when the object leaps to its feet and declares that it is a very important Treasure Chest, bursting with dazzling riches. It expects to be rescued at any moment, so orders the friends to make signs and flags to alert the search party. After a while, however, it becomes clear that nobody is coming to the rescue, so the kindly islanders devise a plan to cheer the Treasure Chest up.

This is the first funny tale in an entertaining series of picture books about this merry band of characters. Vibrant illustrations and bold blocks of colour provide lots of visual appeal. A delightful celebration of friendship and happiness, which is sure to elicit plenty of giggles.

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