It MUST Have Been You!

Publisher: Sweet Apple Publishers

In this rhyming tale, a young girl keeps getting into trouble with her family, despite her best intentions. She upsets her sister when she drops a pie, upsets her mother when she tracks mud into the house, and upsets her grandfather when she drops beads all over the floor. Over and over she hears, ‘It must have been YOU!’

Looking to make amends, the girl makes her apologies with a card for her family that she sticks to the refrigerator. This time, ‘It must have been YOU’ comes with hugs of appreciation.

Words are cleverly transformed with various angles, spirals, colours and fonts, filling the pages and sometimes turning into the very thing they represent. For instance, when the young girl drops a pie on the floor, the word "floor" is angled to look like the floor itself. While the action is relayed more through text than images, the colours are bright with saturated reds, greens, yellows, and blues. Large painted footprints adorn the opening endpapers, while a child’s drawing adorns the final one, giving the book a personal feel.

This is a lovely book celebrating the power of saying sorry, as well as one that recognises that children sometimes feel like they haven’t done anything wrong at all!

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