Noisy Tractor: I Can Learn My First Sounds

Publisher: Caterpillar Books

It’s a bright morning on the farm, and time to start the engine on the tractor. There’s so much to do! The tractor drives into the fields to get some hay for the horses and then chugs down the lane and into a more muddy and squelchy field. On the way, we see cows, pigs and baby chicks, and even some ducklings in a pond, then back to the farmhouse – it’s been a busy day!

This brilliant board book is full of realistic tractor noises – you can press different bits of the rubbery tractor to get different bits, such as a front wheel that makes a crunching-on-gravel sound and a back wheel that sounds like splashing through mud. The text is short and rhyming, with simply labelled animals for toddlers to enjoy. Each thick board page has a nice, holdable tractor-shaped cut-out too, so little ones can help turn the pages and explore the book with their hands.

As well as enjoying the tractor sounds, readers can talk about the animals and name them throughout, as well as be introduced to words like 'chug' and 'squelchy'.

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