I Don’t Want Curly Hair

Publisher: Bloomsbury


The heroine of this follicle-inspired tale possesses a glorious head of curls. Sadly, she loathes them passionately: they're messy, knotty, frizzy and silly. Brushing, stretching or squashing them is useless: they always spring back with a boooiiing.  Frustrated by her rebellious curls, she hangs upside down from a tree in despair.

Beneath the same tree, someone else is bewailing her stubbornly straight hair; she longs for curls. Each realises their hair is not so bad, after all; they enjoy fabulous hairy fun creating pigtails, bunches, beehives and buns. Whatever their hair type, curly or straight, they now love it!

Colour, vivacity and energy animate the often hilarious illustrations, depicting the wildness of the curls and their owner's frustration in this funny, engaging story about accepting who you are.

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