I Say Oh, You Say No

Publisher: Templar

Bear is like no bear you’ve ever met. He's a bear with a BARE BEAR BUTT! And bare butt bears like to dance. The trouble is, he'd like someone to dance with. I don't suppose you know anyone?

The third in this John Kane series, I Say Oh, You Say No is a deliciously silly and immensely cleverly crafted book which sets up a series of call and response rules with young readers to create a hilarious performative reading. Simply follow the instructions: If you see a bee, you must shout out ME and if you see the colour brown, you must jump up and down. And so it goes on, with the commands getting funnier and funnier which results in some hilarious consequences.

Children and parents will absolutely love reading and participating in this joyous book. It’s fantastic to read one-on-one as well as group storytime. But with all the excitement it induces, it probably wouldn’t make the most calming bedtime story.

The illustrations are simple and minimal within the book, but they play such an important part when combined with the hilarious text.

Mae Bear yn wahanol i unrhyw arth arall welwch chi fyth. Mae'n arth â PHEN ÔL NOETH! Ac mae eirth â phenolau noeth yn hoffi dawnsio...

Mae I Say Oh, You Say No, y trydydd yn y gyfres hon, yn llyfr hyfryd o wirion a chrefftus dros ben sy'n sefydlu cyfres o reolau galw ac ymateb gyda darllenwyr ifanc i greu darllen perfformiadol digrif dros ben. Yn syml, dilynwch y cyfarwyddiadau: 'if you see a bee, you shout out ME and if you see the colour brown, you jump up and down.'

Bydd plant ac oedolion wrth eu boddau'n darllen y llyfr llawen hwn a chymryd rhan ynddo. Gwirion, hwyl a digrif dros ben.

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