I Really Want to Win

Publisher: Templar


Today is Sports Day at school and our heroine is determined that she's going to be the best at all the competitions, because she really, really wants to win! But, despite her best efforts she doesn't win a shiny medal for running or the tug of war.

Not defeated, our heroine pursues other competitions to prove that she really is the best at something. But winning isn't as easy as it looks – she doesn't win at hide-or seek, the spelling bee competition, nor even the dancing contest. But perhaps winning isn't really the point?

Another joyful story from Simon Philips with an important message that taking part in competitions is what counts, rather than winning shiny medals. The amusing illustrations from Lucia Gaggioti brilliantly capture the girl's determination to win, and children will identify with her struggle to contain her disappointment when she loses.

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