I Am Nefertiti

Publisher: Five Quills

It's Nefertiti's first day at music school and she's feeling nervous. But Dad is right by her side to remind her that she is a fantastic drummer. 'You are Nefertiti,' he affirms and it's just the confidence boost she needs.

When Nefertiti introduces herself to her new bandmates, music teacher Miss Potts claims that Nefertiti is too tricky to pronounce and says that it will be easier to call her 'Nef'. Hearing her name shortened makes Nefertiti feel small. In fact, every time the teacher calls her Nef, her body actually gets smaller until she's shrunk to the size of a thumb, and her drumsticks crash to the ground.

When her shocked bandmates discover her tiny body, Nefertiti explains that for her to grow, Miss Potts needs to call her by her real name. The musicians encourage their teacher to say 'Nefertiti' with confidence, and as they all chant her name, Nefertiti finally starts to grow. Back to her usual self, Miss Potts apologises for changing Nefertiti's name and hands the drummer her drumsticks. Feeling 10-feet tall, Nefertiti finds her rhythm and the band sounds spectacular.

I Am Nefertiti is a story about celebrating our names and identities and having the confidence to speak out about feelings.

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