My Name is Bear!

Publisher: Farshore

Bear is sure he has the best name in the world so, when he moves to a new home, he can’t wait to introduce himself to everyone.

Unfortunately, Bear doesn’t just think he has the best name, he thinks everyone else’s names are silly. He can’t imagine how anyone could be happy with a name like snail or meerkat or elephant, and he laughs and makes rude jokes about them.

Just as the other animals begin to wonder if Bear will ever learn any manners, an unexpected visitor changes everything.

A beautifully formatted, wittily illustrated picture book that will have children and adults in fits of giggles. Bear is so brilliantly rude, and his life lesson so cleverly portrayed, that this is sure to be a big hit with youngsters aged 3 and over.

A masterclass in manners from a self-important bear who learns, the hard way, to be a bit more humble and considerate. 

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