The Music in Me

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

The little girl in this book has rhythm in her toes and a beat inside her toes – she just loves music! Some days, the rhythm inside her makes her feel like marching, and some days she feels like a dreamy moonlit song. Sometimes, it’s great to sing along with others and for everyone’s voices to come together in harmony.

Yet, sometimes, the little girl feels as though she ends up singing someone else’s song, and that doesn’t feel right at all. Luckily, she knows that if she just stays quiet for a moment, then she will hear her own song again, deep in her heart.

This bright celebration of following the beat of our own drum is a delightful book from Sophy Henn, whose books are great at helping children understand their emotions without being preachy or dull. The Music in Me uses music and rhythm as a metaphor for emotion, which could be a good way to start a conversation with a child about their feelings and even develop a way to communicate feelings between parent and child using playful sounds.

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