Inspector Brunswick: The Case of the Missing Eyebrow

Publisher: Tate Publishing

Inspector Brunswick is the world's greatest cat detective. After a busy week of crime solving, he looks forward to a pleasant visit to the art museum with his trusty canine assistant, Nelson.

When they arrive, they realise something is amiss. Inspector Brunswick quickly identifies the problem: the portrait of the Admiral is missing an eyebrow! The distraught museum director and horrified visitors are confident that the crime-solving duo will quickly close the case. However, despite an extensive search, the absent eyebrow remains elusive. It is only when Nelson takes a closer look that he spots the tiniest of clues, which leads them in an unexpected direction.

This light-hearted mystery picture book with attractive illustrations is the first in a series about the art-loving pair of detectives. The gallery setting is a great way to introduce children to this environment, particularly if they are embarking on their own museum or gallery visit.

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