I'm Actually Really Grown-Up Now

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Publisher: Two Hoots

Meena’s parents are having an exciting grown up party, but she gets sent to bed while it’s still happening downstairs. It’s SO not fair! Meena really wants to stay up and have fun, but Dad reminds her she needs more sleep than adults.

The next day, Meena presents her (somewhat tired) parents with breakfast in bed and a fantastic plan: she’s going to have a grown-up party of her own. There’s so much to do to prepare! Yet when her friends come over, they don’t really like the sophisticated dinner party Meena has taken so much trouble to organise. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of fun to be had outside…

Parents of children who have desperately wanted to stay up and be part of a grown-up party will recognise Meena’s fear of missing out, and Shearring’s book is a great way to remind children that sometimes, adults need to have fun with their friends just like kids need to enjoy being kids (and, maybe, adult parties might even be a bit boring). Shearring’s illustration is always full of verve and fun (mum and dad’s expressions when being woken up after the party are brilliant) and her depiction of a modern family is lovely.

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