Is That You, Little Bear?

Publisher: Ladybird

Little Bear is very good at finding. Can you help find him? Join Mama Bear on her search through the forest and get to meet some funny friends along the way…

Little ones will love the repetitive text of this board book, as they try to find where Little Bear might be. Slightly older toddlers will enjoy joining in with the ‘No’ refrain and lap up the silliness of finding surprise animals instead, including a hairy moose and a jumping frog.

The pull-and-slide mechanism of Is That You, Little Bear? is brilliant and very satisfying to tug. It also makes it easier for the under 1s, who may not have mastered their pincer grip, to interact with the flaps. Parents and carers will appreciate that the design feels extra sturdy: the book should withhold some rough handling and you’re unlikely to end up with ripped-off flaps!

Bright, vibrant colours and a compact size means this is a brilliant book to fit in a bag and take on trips.

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