Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

This engaging non-fiction book celebrates more than 50 incredible inventors from across the globe and throughout history. The importance of imagination and persistence when developing new ideas is emphasised, as well as understanding that failure is part of innovation, as it leads to improvement.

Some of the featured designs have changed the world, while others have affected the lives of just a few people, but all are remarkable in their own way. A vast range of exciting inventions is explored, from early modes of transport to items that many readers may take for granted, such as the flushing toilet, television and frozen food. Children will learn that fireworks are thought to have been invented by a 9th century Chinese monk, while a windmill was built from scrap by a Malawian teenager to provide his remote village with electricity.

A comprehensive glossary explains unfamiliar terms and a detailed index enables readers to easily look up the many inventions and their creators. Generously illustrated throughout, this is a fantastic introduction to the world of innovation for inquisitive children and may even inspire them to develop their own pioneering ideas that could transform the future.

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