In the Swamp by the Light of the Moon

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Publisher: Templar Books

A little frog sits by the pond with his guitar one evening, singing by the light of the moon. But finding it a little lonely singing by himself, he decides to go in search of others to sing with him. As the different voices gradually join in – a crocodile, some little mice, colourful fish and birds – the song of the swamp takes shape. But somebody’s voice is still missing – can they find the final piece?

Everybody’s voice counts in this gentle, lulling rhyme that is perfect for bedtime reading. Soft illustrations create a sense of calm, while the text has a great rhythm that is reminiscent of The Owl and the Pussycat and subtly presents the idea that even naturally quiet people have important things to say too.

Readers can join in the song, or perhaps see if they can spot the owner of the missing voice in all the pages, as she looks on and follows the song before being encouraged to join in – if they can stay awake long enough.

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