I Love You Like Yellow

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Publisher: Abrams Books

Love can come in so many different types and moods: sometimes love is joyous and jolly, and sometimes it’s about being with someone when they feel sad. Sometimes, there is a new person to love; sometimes, we are grateful for the people we have known the longest. Love is as big as the stars and as ordinary as a rainy day, but however we find it, it’s something to be treasured.

In this gorgeous rhyming text, Andrea Beaty describes how love is there in all the big and small moments of everyday life in a family, from a walk in the park to playing cards to a kiss at bedtime. Vashti Harrison’s resplendently beautiful and vivid pencil-style art is breathtaking, illustrating a variety of diverse families showing love to each other in so many important ways.

This really is a book to treasure, and would make a wonderful gift for new parents or for anyone looking for the perfect book to read together at bedtime or when having a snuggle.

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